The Fort Gotten Lab Mint

Cardano's Biggest Collab

Welcome to The Lab, a strange place in Fort Gotten where the scientist kid Atom has been running experiments for who knows how much.

Now that the other kidz found the lab… it seems his experiments are coming to life, and these are the results.

Collection Details

8 Projects / 8 Weeks / 8 Drops / 100 Tokens Each

The Lab is collaborative NFT collection by Fort Gotten featuring some of our favorite projects from Cardano, Ethereum and Tezos. This collection celebrates the NFT space, the artists, and the communities behind every project.

The Lab is divided in 8 sub-collections, one for each participating project containing 100 tokens each (for a total of 800 tokens). Every project has created a unique set of assets to showcase their own interpretation of characters in the Fort Gotten Universe. Tokens can be minted for 50 ADA or the equivalent in $Yummi.

This Week Drop

You will be able to mint this until the next drop only.
Any tokens not minted after that date will be burned.

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